Develop a train the trainer model by creating a peer community of farmer veterans. With your financial contribution to the Minority & Veteran Farmers of the Piedmont will educate, sustain, and scale veteran and socially disadvantaged farmers.


Is a Grassroots Non-profit Organization established July 2019, to develop educational hands on, experiential learning opportunities as well as promote trainings, mentoring, outreach, and coaching programs for all minorities, veterans, farmers rural and urban youth.
  • Provide fresh produce to marginalized veterans, farmers and families in the piedmont region.
  • Support educational workshops & training for veterans and farmers throughout the year.
  • Enhance the availability of fresh and local foods to shelters.
  • Develop hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for youth and veterans.
  • Provide nutrition and cooking classes to youth and families of the piedmont.
  • Develop horticultural and agricultural therapy programs to support social emotional and post-traumatic stress, and trauma informed care for youth, families and veterans.
  • Build capacity and agency that support farmer veterans and ranchers with comprehensive, individualized capacity development assistance.