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We are working diligently to partner with Small Farms Outreach Program to recruit and educate minority, veteran, and socially disadvantaged farmers to participate in this growing initiative. We are excited to announce through a partnership with the Path Foundation the MVFP will be offering to grow grants to local small farms to provide fresh locally grown produce and meat to local food banks.
The Grower grant is to incentivize and empower small farms to look at new innovative strategies to drive economic success and community wealth building. MVFP will contract with up to 7 farmers to grow and supply fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat, and other commodities to local food banks. In essence, MVFP will “purchase” produce from these farms, and ask that instead of delivering the food to us, that the farms directly supply the Rappahannock, Madison,
Orange, Fauquier, and Greene Food Banks. Payments will be made in two installments following commodity drop-offs. The farmer will be awarded a grant up to $3,000 for their contributions throughout the growing season.


The 2021 submission deadline for this grant has passed.  

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